Isha Kasliwal

I am a designer that can code. Frictionless experiences, minimalism, pixel perfect, agile, analytics, beta launch, data, branding, cms, collaboration, content, research, HCI, data, high-fidelity, low-fidelity, medium-fidelity, prototype, humans, computers, iterative, lean, product, mood board, personas, responsive web design, sketch, photoshop, strategy, technology, technical, users, testing, a/b, b/c, a/b/c, d, wireframe, diagram, visual, interactive, modular, scalable, refactor, css, css3, sass, scss, html, haml, coffee, data, jsx, react, rails, backends, frontends, big data, functional, ruby, "did your builds pass?", feature specs, hamburger menus, page load, cache money, networks, systems, architecture, startups – all words I generally hear in my line of work. Send me an email or visit my Twitter or visit my Tumblr or visit my Github or visit my Codepen or visit my Dribbble or visit my LinkedIn or visit what I wish was my website.